Financial institutions are beginning to pivot the workforce for a digital future in physical, post-pandemic work spaces. While this reimagining of the workplace is vital for safety and growth, the bigger challenge may be in retraining the workforce and removing unnecessary manual tasks.

Now that workforces are beginning to return to physical spaces, it is time for organizations to look beyond where people will be working and reassess the approach to safety.

When the economy slowed due to COVID-19, business as usual became a thing of the past as consumers embraced new ways of communicating and transacting across all industries. As the banking industry recovers from the impact of the pandemic, they are realizing that the business models that have served them for decades simply no longer work. But while the shift to a more remote, digital engagement during the pandemic accelerated the need for financial staff members to embrace new technologies and modes of communication, the return to physical locations requires a new approach to manual tasks and personal contact.

Not only do new social distancing guidelines need to be recognized, but banking institutions must also contend with a smaller workforce footprint, as some roles remain remote, leaving physical staff size much smaller.

Many banks and credit unions have switched visits to appointment-only while others have adjusted branch hours and staffing schedules, establishing set teams with alternating days to avoid cross-contamination. This reduced staff size presents challenges in day-to-day operations as each member of the team’s time becomes more valuable, and scarce. Streamlining operations and removing manual tasks can be a large relief on the workforce. Partnering with companies like Coinstar can also serve as an extension of their staff, removing an additional physical interaction with a customer as well a large physical task from employees’ daily responsibilities.

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