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Amplify your network with Retail Remote Transfer.

Zero capital investment. Zero heavy lifting. Zero regrets.

Retail Remote Transfer (RRT) is a pay-as-you-go program that allows your customers to transfer coins and cash directly into their checking account from any participating Coinstar kiosk.

Join the next-generation coin ecosystem that helps you achieve your strategic goals.

Expand your reach, drive better results, enhance employee and customer experiences, enable greener operations, and alleviate the coin shortage. We’ve created a next-generation coin ecosystem that makes all of these outcomes possible with a single partnership and no up-front investment. It’s now easier than ever to tap into the transformative power of coin.

Expand your reach, drive better results, enhance employee and customer experiences, enable greener operations, and alleviate the coin shortage. We’ve created a next-generation coin ecosystem that makes all of these outcomes possible with a single partnership and no up-front investment. It’s now easier than ever to tap into the transformative power of coin.

Expand your reach by meeting current and potential customers right where they shop every day.

Serve Untapped Markets

It’s now possible to tap into banking deserts and serve unbanked or underbanked individuals (which, according to Federal Reserve data, comprise 18% of the U.S. population). The Coinstar retail network allows your institution to reach these customers. You already know that banking deserts are challenging for the affected populations, and you can provide better support in these areas. In fact, according to Coinstar data, 66% of banking deserts are within 10 miles of a Coinstar kiosk!

Drive New Accounts

With a convenient option to transfer coins and cash into accounts, it’s easier for cash-preferred customers to participate in digital banking by opening new accounts for bill pay, kids’ savings, or any other purpose. By making it easier for these customers to engage with your products and services, you’ll be more likely to win their business when they are choosing a financial institution.

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Drive the financial results you need to accelerate growth.

Increase account usage

There is an estimated $7.7 billion in coin lying around in American couch cushions, piggy banks, and car cupholders. RRT helps your customers get this latent coin into the accounts they hold with your organization—and they can do it from any swipe-enabled Coinstar kiosk in the country.

Maximize branch profitability

When it comes to future-proofing strategies, cross-selling may never go out of style. That’s because a greater share of wallet (SOW) has been historically proven to equate with greater customer loyalty in banking. RRT helps keep the teams in your branches focused on cross-selling and higher-value interactions by providing a convenient option for your customers to perform cash and coin exchange transactions.

Drive loyalty with enhanced customer experiences.

Boost customer convenience

Customer experience drives loyalty, and 76% of customers expect an omnichannel experience from their bank or credit union. Retail Remote Transfer helps your financial institution (FI) integrate with your customers’ lives by making it easy to convert their coin into spendable funds—whether they live 2 miles or 200 miles away from your nearest branch.

Support your small business customers

The coin shortage has hit small businesses hard, making it difficult for them to transact with their customers in the ways they normally would. In fact, even in today’s digital age, 55% of U.S. small businesses don’t accept credit cards! By participating in our network that gets coin moving, you can help encourage the next-generation coin ecosystem and make the coin shortage a thing of the past.

Augment in-branch coin services

If you already offer self-service coin counting in your branch with one of our fully managed programs and Anthony kiosks or by doing it yourself, Retail Remote Transfer can be a great way to bring a total coin solution to your institution, covering both onsite and offsite coin counting for your customers!

Get the Best of Both Worlds:

  • Optimize your investment in coin counting assets
  • Extend the convenience of Coinstar to all your customers
  • Multiply your network for cash transfers coast-to-coast

Be a better place to work for your branch team members.

Help them focus on what they’re best at

Eliminate the common pain points of in-branch coin handling: lifting and carrying coin bags, counting and rolling coin, and preparing coin for pickup. Whether you use Coinstar for Financial outside your branch, inside your branch, or both, we take over the heavy lifting for your branch team members.

Tap Into Coin Automation

A circular coin ecosystem is better for the planet.

Recycle more coin

With millions of transactions each year, Coinstar activates latent coin and gets it moving in the economy—alleviating the coin shortage and reducing the need for new coin to be minted. According to our calculations, it costs 95% less to recycle coin than it does to mint new!

Reduce carbon emissions

Mining materials for new coin, transporting materials and coin, and manufacturing operations consume natural resources and energy. Recycling coin is an effective way to reduce your institution’s carbon footprint, contributing to your sustainability goals, which can positively impact your ESG results. Did you know that 86% of the copper mined for consumer products is used to make pennies? By recycling more coin, you can help us conserve natural resources and keep the environment cleaner.


less cost to recycle coin vs. minting new

Easier on the planet and the economy


of copper minted for consumer products is used to make pennies

Conserves natural resources

The Customer Experience With Retail Remote Transfer: Simple. Swift. Safe.

When your FI is part of the RRT program, customers can transfer coin and cash directly into their checking account from any Coinstar kiosk equipped with a card reader. It’s not only simple, but it's safe for your customers to conduct their transactions at one of the 17,000+ kiosks located inside well-lit, populated grocery retailers. Here's how it works:

Select "transfer" & swipe debit card

Pour coins or insert cash

Transfer is credited quickly


Configure Your Coin Solution

No matter the size of your institution, we have a Retail Remote Transfer program that fits your needs. The cost of all Retail Remote Transfer programs is charged based on utilization by your customers.

Configure Your Solution

Minimum Branch Locations

Retail Remote Transfer for Coin

Retail Remote Transfer for Cash

Access to Coinstar Physical Coin

Fully Managed In-Branch Coin Services Add On Available*

Coin Compass


Coin Navigator


Coin Magellan: Full Coin Automation


*Additional fees apply; in-branch kiosks available in limited quantities.


When you partner with Coinstar for Financial, you receive dedicated resources for marketing your new program. Check out our Partner Resource Center, and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, feel free to contact your Coinstar for Financial team. We can always find a solution together.

Our Retail Remote Transfer partnerships are customized to the needs of each institution and their preferred fee structures. Connect with a Coinstar for Financial expert to learn more.

There are no startup costs or capital expenditures required to participate in Retail Remote Transfer. Contact a Coinstar for Financial expert to discuss connecting your institution with the Retail Remote Transfer network!

Yes! Even if you are not taking advantage of our in-branch solutions, you can connect to the Retail Remote Transfer network and reap the benefits of our off-site retail kiosks.

At participating Coinstar kiosks with cash acceptors, your customers can transfer both coins and cash to their debit-enabled checking accounts.

All of our retail kiosks are findable through Apple and Google Maps! Your customers can visit our website to find the nearest Retail Remote Transfer-enabled kiosk nearby.

Browse financial industry insights and success stories.

Get started with Retail Remote Transfer and change the way you coin.

With no core integration required and the ability to improve your customer experience and reach, Retail Remote Transfer is the only way to capture the benefits of true, all-around coin automation for your network. Connect with us today to learn more about what Retail Remote Transfer can do for your business!

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