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Our “Big Green Machine’s” sophisticated older brother, Anthony is the most technologically advanced self-service coin kiosk on the market today.

See Anthony’s Resume

Our “Big Green Machine’s” sophisticated older brother, Anthony is the most technologically advanced self-service coin kiosk on the market today.

See Anthony’s Resume

Bring people back to the center of your branch experience with Anthony’s technology.

Monitoring and access from your support team

Anthony utilizes wireless technology to stay connected to your support team members back at Coinstar. We provide kiosk health monitoring and customer support to keep Anthony in fighting shape. Wireless connectivity also makes it easy for us to bring you the latest software updates.

Customizable, easy-to-use interface

Anthony’s bright, responsive touch screen and intuitive interface make it easy for customers to use the kiosk, and can be customized with your institution's branding.

Save staff time while reducing risk

With Coinstar’s fully managed programs, your coin logistics and maintenance are taken care of. Never worry again about a team member being injured by lifting a heavy coin bag. You’ll also allow your team to stay focused on service, since they won’t need to spend time emptying the coin machine and preparing coin for transport.

Accuracy unlike any other

Anthony counts coin differently than any other kiosk by analyzing the metallurgical properties of coins instead of sorting them by size into slots. This ensures a more accurate count and prevents the machine from jamming.

Coin and connectivity go hand in hand

With Coin to Deposit, customers can easily deposit their coins directly into their checking account, eliminating the need for a teller transaction. Coin to Deposit helps shorten your teller line and streamline the branch experience for your customers.

Features & Benefits

Beyond coins to cash.
With Anthony, you make coin more useful than ever to the customers in your branch. Users can convert their coin into four convenient options: coins to cash, direct deposit into their account, charitable donation, and no-fee eGift Cards.
99.9% uptime.
Our Coinstar field technicians perform regular onsite maintenance for your Anthony kiosk to keep it operating smoothly. Anthony is also equipped with wireless connectivity so software updates can be pushed to you remotely in a snap.
Smooth operator.
Anthony utilizes patented technology, built from the ground up to be reliable and customer facing first, instead of a finicky slot fit system that is prone to time-consuming jams.
Backed by the industry’s best.
In addition to your field technician, you’ll be assigned a dedicated program success manager who’s focus is to ensure your coin program is running smoothly.
Polished look and quiet operation.
The Anthony kiosk integrates seamlessly in your branch environment with a slim, efficient footprint, ultra-quiet operation, and customizable 4C interactive video display.
Anthony gets it right every time.
Anthony manages coin differently than other kiosks on the market. By analyzing the metallurgical content of each coin, Anthony counts more accurately than other machines.
Hands free for your team.
With coin pickup and processing included and regular maintenance, your team never has to lift a coin bag again. Also, Coin to Deposit lightens the workload for your team, allowing you to capture more deposits without additional teller interactions.
Customized reporting.
Anthony makes your accounting team smile by satisfying your auditing and documentation requirements with automated reporting and reconciliation.

Meet Anthony’s Team

Behind every Anthony kiosk is a group of people dedicated to making sure your coin program runs smoothly. From our technicians in the field to your relationship manager and software people at our home office, your Coinstar for Financial team is here to support you.

How it Works.

We help you find the program that works for you.

Your Coinstar for Financial expert will work with you to select and tailor the Coinstar program that aligns with the needs of your institution.

No worries implementation.

We deliver, set up, and install your Anthony kiosk so you never have to lift a finger. We even provide either remote or onsite training for your team members, so they can execute your program with confidence from day one.

Fully managed service and support.

Preventive maintenance, coin pickup and processing, software updates, and reporting are all taken care of by your team at Coinstar for Financial.

Ongoing relationship.

We stay in touch regularly to ensure that your Anthony kiosk is performing as well as it should, and to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your coin program.

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