Why Branch Visits Matters

People still go to banks. It’s true. Even in the wake of paradigm shifts brought about by the pandemic leading to a heightened level of autonomy in most interactions, the branch still matters. And this may surprise some, with so many self-service and online based options designed for convenience at every turn. But why? What’s bringing people back to the branch, and more importantly, why does it matter?


Money matters, and in matters of money, having confidence in who is handling it means a lot. It requires trust. Interacting with someone face-to-face provides a clearer form of communication than digital communication. Email communication, bank apps or texts can all be misinterpreted without the benefit of tone or facial expressions. It also helps develop a connection and familiarity. It humanizes the interaction which ultimately leads to trust. And it’s this trust that causes many banking customers to prefer face-to-face interaction at a branch when they need reassurance and guidance.


Deposits, loans, check cashing, new debit cards…Transactions of this nature can take days when done digitally. Sometimes a few days is a few days too long. Banking and credit union members know they can speak to someone directly and take care of their needs in the time span of a visit, not a business week.

Peace of Mind

When there’s an issue with finances, customers need a solution before it gets any worse. Visiting a branch and working directly with a bank representative allows any issues to be resolved so the customer can proceed with peace of mind, confident that their problem has been solved.


Some people have quickly embraced the digital age, but for others, the simple act of using online or mobile banking is anything but simple. They may not understand how to use digital applications, or might simply have no access to those platforms. Even for the technically literate, some tasks are too complicated to navigate solo. Many customers have embraced digital channels for routine transactions, but are turning to their branch for assistance with more complex needs.

The Digital Drive

Even when a customer doesn’t need direct assistance, the branch still often serves as a central hub, with services such as coin kiosks, ATMs with no fees, and other autonomous banking options. Having these offerings within a bank or credit union branch drives more traffic, and potential face to face transactions beyond the machines.

Make Every Visit Meaningful

Ultimately branch visits still matter because of the human connection. Whether a bank or credit union teller is assisting with a transaction, solving a problem, or providing useful insight and advice for financial planning, the unifying reason for visiting a bank is the personal assistance and contact. That means every transaction matters. Every transaction carries more weight and meaning. Making sure your staff is available to make these connections is imperative to maintaining, and even improving branch visits each month. Working with Coinstar can help ensure your tellers have the time and space to provide the service your customers need, by removing less impactful tasks around your coin system.

Are you making branch visits meaningful for your customers? Speak to a Coinstar expert today to learn what a fully managed system can do to help your staff provide more with every interaction.