A lot has changed because of Covid-19. Safety concerns and shelter orders irrevocably changed how we work, how we interact—how we live. As the world slowly begins to open back up, a shift in company culture and schedules remains in the wake, seeing more and more people in many industries adopting a hybrid work schedule. A hybrid work schedule sees employees splitting their work week between home and the office, rather than working completely onsite or remote.

The majority of Americans prefer this approach, saving time and money on commutes, while still having face time with their coworkers. Modern communication and video platforms have made the remote side of the hybrid schedule easier than ever, but businesses like banks and credit unions still need their employees back in the office in some capacity to serve their customers. This can put a strain on employees working onsite with fewer associates on any given day. It’s critical for decision makers to rethink how in-office work is performed, so resources can be allocated where they are most needed.

For many industries, self-service kiosks have become a useful tool to relieve some of the workload for their staff. Self-checkout lanes have relieved some of the burden at grocery stores and other retail establishments, and for banks, ATMs and Coinstar machines are helping to free the staff to focus on more immediate customer needs.

The biggest challenge of a hybrid work schedule is also the greatest solution, especially within the financial industry: better allocation of team members. Remote work during the pandemic has taught us that there are many tasks that can be solved within an email—there are more efficient ways to communicate and conduct business, and the modern consumer desires more autonomy in their daily lives.

Simple transactions like deposits, withdrawals and coin deposits can be done more effectively and efficiently through automation and self-service kiosks. By automating routine transactions, staff members are free to engage with customers for larger, more intricate transactions. Coinstar takes it a step further, providing service, scheduled maintenance and updates so their machines are always operating at the their best without requiring employees to shift their focus away from their more important tasks.

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