Finding, and keeping, your staff

The landscape has changed for professionals across all industries over the past few years. Remote and hybrid work schedules and higher demands for experienced employees have changed the standards many professionals have set when considering a new job opportunity—or keeping their current position.

That could have been an email.

The transition to remote work during the pandemic changed the way we communicate. Scheduled meetings are now conducted over video services or through email and apps like Slack. This new approach has streamlined many processes and time consuming conversations, providing a new expectation for efficient ways to communicate.

The new commute.

Remote and hybrid work schedules have changed the priorities of many job hunters. Many professionals have adapted quickly to working from home, enjoying the flexibility it allows. Reducing or removing long commutes altogether has quickly become a requirement by many young professionals considering their options.

The burdens of showing up.

One of the biggest breaking points for employees deciding whether to stay or seek new opportunities is the quality of their role. Smaller staff sizes can often add responsibilities and heavier workloads. Staff members have less time to do more meaningful tasks as they focus on making up for fewer hands on deck. This additional stress can lead to burnout and motivate dissatisfied employees to seek out new opportunities.

Unique challenges call for a new approach

The challenge to keep current employees happy while enticing new prospects is especially daunting for banks and credit unions. While many companies can operate seamlessly on a remote platform, the financial industry requires employees to be available for face-to-face transactions and a variety of operations within the branch. Streamlining operations and removing manual tasks can be a large relief for the workforce. Switching visits to appointment-only, adjusting branch hours and partnering with self-service kiosks from companies like Coinstar, that offer a turnkey service model can help ease the burdens of smaller teams by removing an additional person to person transaction from employees’ daily responsibilities. Allowing your staff to focus on more meaningful tasks can keep job satisfaction high, and better align with the emerging expectations of professionals today.

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