Coinstar® for Financial is proud to announce its partnership with Suncoast™ Credit Union as they implement Coinstar self-service kiosks for in-lobby coin counting in 72 of its branches. Suncoast Credit Union is the largest credit union in Florida and the 10th largest in the US based on membership, serving more than one million members across the state.

The partnership began with a 90-day pilot, allowing Suncoast to trial Coinstar’s Anthony kiosks designed for financial institutions in a few of its busier branches. Surpassing Suncoast’s goals of increasing transactions and efficiency, the pilot was a success. Coinstar for Financial will complete the rollout to all branches by the end of July.

“Coinstar’s impact on productivity and member experience was felt within the first week of the pilot. There were just a few short days between signing the contract and seeing the improvement in our coin operations,” said Jennifer Bolivar, Senior Vice President of Business Transformation and Retail Branching. “We are excited to roll out Coinstar’s best-in-class kiosks across our branch network and continue seeing the positive impact.”

The Anthony kiosks are replacing Suncoast Credit Union’s previous coin machines that were managed by branch staff, which often interrupted valuable time spent with members. Coinstar for Financial relieves branch staff of that burden by handling every aspect of their coin counting program. Suncoast staff can now better support their members with more time to work face-to-face and ensure members’ needs are met.

Coinstar’s turnkey program takes care of coin pickup, kiosk maintenance, and administration, meaning Suncoast’s branch staff no longer need to worry about emptying the machines, hauling heavy bags of coin, or coordinating repairs. Members can turn their coins into cash through the convenient and highly accurate self-service Coinstar kiosks. In the future, Suncoast also plans to add coin-to-deposit functionality, where members can insert their debit card and deposit coins directly to their account.  

“Coinstar is thrilled to partner with Suncoast Credit Union and proud to be a part of their culture of superior focus on the member experience,” said Kevin McColly, CEO of Coinstar. “We look forward to a long, prosperous relationship with Suncoast Credit Union and supporting their success into the future.”

Implementing the Anthony kiosks is one of Suncoast’s steps in its journey toward continuous branch transformation. Having recently installed Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) at most of its branches, Suncoast had seen how automating some of its more mundane transactions improved the day-to-day for members and employees. With Coinstar as the latest addition to its branch technology, Suncoast has reached a new level of efficiency and member satisfaction.

About Coinstar for Financial

Coinstar for Financial provides a turnkey coin management service that strengthens existing customer loyalty, increases deposits, and attracts and retains new branch traffic. With no capital investment and no maintenance fees, your staff can focus on customers instead of coin counting. Our entire fleet of kiosks is owned, maintained, and serviced by Coinstar, which means there is virtually no financial or reputational risk for your business. If you are a financial institution leader and are curious about how a fully managed coin program can assist in your branch transformation, contact the experts at Coinstar for Financial. To learn more, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

About Suncoast Credit Union

Suncoast Credit Union is the largest credit union in the state of Florida, the 10th largest in the United States based on membership, and the 10th largest in the United States based on its $17 billion in assets. Chartered in 1934 as Hillsborough County Teachers Credit Union, Suncoast Credit Union currently operates 76 full-service branches and serves more than one million members across Florida. As a community credit union, anyone who lives, works, attends school, or worships in Suncoast Credit Union’s service area is eligible for membership. In 2021, Suncoast Credit Union’s field of membership was expanded to include public K-12 teachers, college educators, and educational support staff from all of Florida’s 67 counties. Suncoast is passionate about community support. Since its founding in 1990, the Suncoast Credit Union Foundation has raised and donated more than $40 million to organizations and initiatives that support the health, education, and emotional well-being of children in the communities that the credit union serves. For more information, visit or follow us on social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.