Coin programs designed with you in mind.

Our turnkey coin programs are tailored to align with common challenges that face banks and credit unions...and we make it easy to implement and execute.

In-Branch Solutions

The Anthony Kiosk

Fully-managed coin kiosks for your branch designed to automate the coin management process and increase your bottom line.

Coin Curious

Transform your coin experience

Best for local institutions with smaller branch networks who haven’t explored a coin solution before.

No minimum volume required

3-month risk-free trial including the Anthony kiosk

Launch kit

"No worries" cancellation option

Coin Novice

Minimize risk, maximize service

Best for credit unions and community banks of any size who are handling coin operations behind the counter.

Free Coinstar evaluation

3-month risk-free trial including the Anthony kiosk

No/low member or customer fees

Coin Protégé

Enable the last mile of branch automation

Best for institutions with 10+ branches who already own a coin machine.

Free cost analysis

Flexible fee schedules

Existing equipment buyback and recycling assistance

Contactless Coin to Deposit functionality

Off-site Solutions

Retail Remote Transfer

Allow your customers to transfer coins and cash into their account with off-site programs designed to maximize branch profitability without adding branch locations.

Coin Compass

Expand your reach.

Best for local institutions looking to expand their network without new branch locations.

Retail Remote Transfer for Coin

Retail Remote Transfer for Cash

Fully Managed In-Branch Coin Services Add-On Available

Access to Coinstar Physical Coin


Minimum Branch Locations

Coin Navigator

Amplify your network.

Best for institutions of any size wanting to increase accounts and deposits.

Retail Remote Transfer for Coin

Retail Remote Transfer for Cash

Fully Managed In-Branch Coin Services Add-On Available

Access to Coinstar Physical Coin


Minimum Branch Locations

Coin Magellan

Full Coin Automation.

Best for national banks and credit unions striving to maximize branch profitability and efficiency.

Retail Remote Transfer for Coin

Retail Remote Transfer for Cash

Fully Managed In-Branch Coin Services Add-On Available

Access to Coinstar Physical Coin


Minimum Branch Locations

Enterprise Solutions

Next-Generation Coin Automation

Integrated coin solutions designed to give your branch the best of both worlds with both in-branch and off-site coin management.

Coin for Enterprise

Full Coin Automation

Anthony Kiosk

Automate your in-branch coin services with the most technologically advanced self-service coin kiosk on the market today. Featuring wireless technology that keeps you connected to your support team at Coinstar for Financial and fully-managed coin logistics and maintenance, Anthony makes your branch more efficient and customer-facing than ever.

Retail Remote Transfer

Increase your capabilities without adding branch locations with the pay-as-you-go program that allows your customers to transfer coins directly into their checking account from any participating Coinstar kiosk.

Maximize branch profitability by keeping your teams focused on higher-value interactions.

Experience the best of both worlds with in-branch and off-site coin solutions through our specialized program featuring the fully-managed Anthony kiosk and Retail Remote Transfer.

Connect with an Expert

Coin for Enterprise

Physical Coin Sourcing

Transform a share of the $3 billion annual coin processed by Coinstar into deposits at your bank.

Accessing coin to service your customers has been more difficult than ever due to the nationwide shortage. Available to national banks with over 3,000 branches, Coinstar for Financial can offer you another source for physical coin so that you no longer have to rely only on the Federal Reserve to fulfill your needs. Connect with an expert to determine if your institution meets volume and network size requirements.

Connect with an Expert

All tailored programs include premium, turnkey service that makes coin and cash effortless.


Software upgrades

Dedicated account manager

Preventive maintenance

Field technicians

Customer service & support

Repairs and parts


Coin pickup and processing

$15 billion

Latent coin in the U.S.

Endless potential for putting coin to work in your institution


Kiosks worldwide

A robust nationwide transfer network lives within 5 miles of Coinstar kiosk


reduction in coin processing, deliveries, and shipments

Lightening the load of coin for branch teams nationwide

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